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Post  sbfky on Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:33 am

Well its been a few years since I started the forum back then. first it was a mugen community, then turned into a role-playing community and now a gaming community. there are some members who stood with the forum until the very end and I thank them for that knowing that there are people who enjoyed the place i have build for them. well we all have our own lives to attend to and responsibilities to take care off. And i blame myself for not being here much to attend my job as an admin...well nobodies perfect.

If there are any members reading this it was fun having all of you in this forum and I thank you all for that. this forum will be left open to annyone who wishes to leave any messages.

as for the announcements:

-im gonnna be deleting all sections that have to do with mugen since nobody plays mugen anymore and that there are way better games out there to keep you entertained.

-The tutorial Section of mugen will remain in the forums in case new members are interested in the game

-the Roleplaying section will be shut down since there have been only up 3 players who participated in it which is Diabloblanco, Tohnoshiki and myself. as ive tried to get more members involved seems nobody is interested in writting stories.

-The Gaming and offtopic section will remain in the forum.

-Members who have barely participated in this forum will be deleted.

Until the day comes that I see new members that like to get involved with this forum I leave you all with this message.

sbfky Signing out.


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